1919           Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act given royal assent, enabling women to qualify as solicitors for the  first time.

1922           Carrie Morrison becomes the first woman to qualify as a solicitor.

1923           Carrie Morrison and others forms the beginnings of an association for women solicitors.

1969           Original association formally changes its name to ‘The 1919 Club – The Association of Women Solicitors’ and later simply ‘The Association of Women Solicitors’.

1992           Number of women solicitors increased sufficiently for a London branch to be created. First meeting of the London branch takes place at the Lansdowne Club in Mayfair.

2013           Law Society sets up its own women lawyers group and the national AWS is disbanded save for two branches, the London branch and the Manchester branch.

2015           AWS (London) successfully nominates first honorary QC (Camilla Palmer of Yess Law).

2016          AWS (London) successfully nominates second honorary QC (Sara Chandler of London South Bank University).

2017         AWS (London) successfully nominates third honorary  QC ( Janet Legrand of DLA Piper)