Consultation on pension provision for fee paid (ie part time) judges
Fee – Paid Judicial Pension Scheme Consultation Response from Association of Women Solicitors, London

Having contributed positively to the Judicial Appointments Commission Consultation on Implementation of the Equal Merit Provision in the Equality Act 2010 for the appointment of judges Association of Women Solicitors, London is delighted to endorse the further proposal of a new, comprehensive pension scheme for Fee-Paid judicial office holders.

We are pleased to note the improved performance of female applicants overall in the latest judicial appointment statistics but consider that the new pension provision at the crucial fee-paid entry stage of a judicial career will attract more applications by women solicitors wishing to combine office practice with judicial sittings and family responsibilities. The new pension provision encompassing ill health retirement plus death in service benefits for dependants may also reduce the attrition rate of women solicitor fee-paid judges at this stage.

We also endorse the recent suggestion by the Judicial Appointments Commission for more opportunities to be offered for part time working for salaried judicial office holders, enabling women solicitors to apply for senior judicial appointments whilst continuing to work part time if they so choose.

Association of Women Solicitors, London. November 2014


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