Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 12.56.22Keeping of the roll consultation

Consultation questionnaire form


Question 1. Do you agree with the proposal to stop the annual updating process while keeping the power for the SRA to carry out updates when we think this is needed?


We agree with the proposal to dispense with the requirement for non practising solicitors to apply annually to remain on the Roll provided those who wish to come off the Roll and then go back on again can still do so with the same flexibility as at present.
Although the Consultation Equality Impact assessment states at para. 41 that
the gender impact is neutral there is in fact a greater impact on women solicitors as women are more likely than men to take a career break.
Many solicitors wishing to return to practice after a career break wish to undergo an initial induction period, as an
unqualified person under supervision and off the Roll. The entitlement of these individuals to remove themselves from the Roll voluntarily must be preserved.


Question 2. If not, what other suggestions do you have?


As stated above we do agree as the Consultation states at para. 2 that the current process for voluntary, temporary removal from the Roll and reinstatement after a career break will remain unchanged. We do however seek an assurance that there will be no change in the future without Consultation.



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